Why should the Devil have all the best tunes? Our Alternative to the Tory Bill of Rights

Here at Euro Rights we are happy with the much maligned Human Rights Act. In short, we think it provides a measure of practical justice consistent with the UK’s constitutional traditions. But some people have other ideas. This morning it became clear that the new bumper sticker Bill of Rights favoured by the Tories will take this form. Needless to say we don’t approve of this constitutional dog’s breakfast, though we did have a chuckle at some of its more ludicrous provisions.

However, if the Tories want to open up a debate about the shape of a new Bill of Rights then we are not ones to let the opportunity pass. We have therefore had a stab at drafting a Euro Rights Bill of Rights. It’s not perfect, and is a work is progress. The Preamble needs work for example. But we hope it provides an alternative vision to the constitutional nihilism on offer from Messrs Cameron, Grayling, Raab et al. Enjoy.